Wellness Presentations for Junior School

Ms. Theodora, our school psychologist, has been actively engaging with our Junior School pupils through a series of insightful presentations. In these sessions, she has addressed important topics that promote personal growth and well-being among our young learners.

For Grade 1, Ms. Theodora focused on self-respect and self-esteem. Through interactive activities and the power of music and creativity, she helped the children identify their unique strengths and character traits, fostering a sense of individuality and confidence.

In Grade 2, the emphasis was on encouraging screen-free activities. Ms. Theodora guided the students in exploring their identities beyond electronic games, encouraging them to engage in alternative activities that stimulate creativity, physical exercise, and social interactions.

Grade 3 students were inspired by Ms. Theodora’s presentation on the theme of “Kind is cool.” She encouraged them to embrace kindness and empathy, emphasizing the importance of spreading goodwill among their peers. Through discussions on their core values and reflections on what “cool” truly means, the students gained a deeper understanding of the positive impact they can have on others.

Additionally, Grade 4 students also had the opportunity to delve into the significance of engaging in screen-free activities. Ms. Theodora helped them recognize the value of exploring their identities beyond electronic games, highlighting alternative pursuits that contribute to their personal growth and development.

We are grateful for Ms. Theodora’s commitment to nurturing our students’ well-being and personal growth. Her insightful presentations have not only provided valuable guidance but have also fostered a positive and supportive school community. We look forward to more enriching sessions led by Ms. Theodora, as she continues to empower our students with essential life skills and promote their overall happiness and success.

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