The annual PTA election took place on Wednesday 22nd September.
This year’s committee members are:
President : Alexandra Awad (parent of a Grade 2 student)
Vice President : Lori Eshed (parent of a Grade 5 and a Grade 6 student)
Treasurer: Mor Avni ( parent of a Grade 2 student)
Assistant Treasurer: Jad Abdel Rahman (parent of a Pre-schooler and a Grade 2 student)
Secretary : Malar Bhatt ( parent of a High School student and 17 years at Med High as a parent)
Assistant secretary: Veronika Spirina ( parent of a Grade 2 and  a Grade 4 student)
Assistant secretary: Oxana Thomas (parent of a Grade 1 and a Grade 5 student) – joined Med High this year

Once a month we will have a PTA meeting where we will discuss topics related to school.

You are more than welcome to join the meeting and become a committee member.
An SMS will be sent by the school informing parents  when the meeting will take place.

For any other queries you can contact us on our email