PTA Meeting Minutes


30th October 2023

7.45 – 9.00AM




26 New members attended


A quick introduction was given on who we are as a PTA and a general plan for the rest of this year’s events including upcoming events such as:

  • Anti-bullying week/Friendship Friday
  • Christmas preschool Santa visit (14th Dec)
  • Christmas Fair (15th Dec)
  • Christmas movie day for junior school (19th Dec)


1)Parents expressed that the communication with the school is lacking. It should be noted that the majority of attendees were new families and they already felt this area was a concern at Med High. Parents are not aware of events and feel that they do not have sufficient communication with their class teachers.


It was expressed that parents are unable to send a private comment or email to class teachers unless they attach it to a class homework assignment which means it is not always seen. This is proving frustrating for parents as they would like to be able to communicate a problem to the teachers if necessary.


It is requested that it is looked into by the school.  Maybe there is an option to add a private chat on google classroom where parents can communicate with teachers if need be. Alternatively, parents could be supplied with the teacher’s email in case they need to express a concern or contact the teacher.


Parents suggest that a google classroom tutorial could also be posted online so that parents can watch and learn how to get the most out of google classroom.


RESPONSE FROM SCHOOL:  They will ask teachers to provide parents with email addresses and also look into a Google classroom tutorial video.  They also wanted to remind parents that absences should always be reported to the front office.


2) Parents are happy with the current 1 door entrance and exit. They feel that it makes it much easier when collecting children that they are leaving from one gate and feel that it is a safer option.  Grade 1 parents in attendance requested that this remain the case even when the current security issue is back to normal.


RESPONSE FROM SCHOOL: They are happy to hear that parents feel secure with the additional security and arrangements that have been put in place.



3) The lack of innovative after school clubs was raised by parents.  There was a suggestion of a new Rubix cube club again and if additional clubs could be started for high schoolers.  The lack of a high school drop in homework club was mentioned as well.


The PTA have a parent contact details if required who would be able to implement and run a Rubix cubing club if needed.


RESPONSE FROM SCHOOL:  All staff have to be background checked and therefore they will look at implementing new clubs themselves into the High School.  It was also discussed that clubs are usually only signed up for by years 1-2 as the older students tend to attend activities outside of school. The PTA where also informed that the previous free high school homework club was not utilised or attended which is why it has not been offered this year.  The PTA expressed the need of more sport clubs for all high school year groups and more innovative clubs.


4) The toilets are a very big cause for concern from parents as many children are still not using the toilets due to the lack of hygiene. They are very dirty and children are uncomfortable using the facilities. It is believed that this is something that should be addressed by the school ASAP as it is an unacceptable problem to keep having.

It is requested that a cleaner is employed to patrol the toilets constantly during all break times daily to eradicate this problem.


RESPONSE FROM SCHOOL:  A cleaner is available every break time and goes in after each student to clean.  The school have informed us that they have an issue mainly with the ‘boys’ toilets as it appears students have purposely been defecating and making a mess when using the rest room.  The school urges parents to talk with their children on how to respect the school as well and maintain appropriate hygiene.


5)The fact that high schoolers do not have access to fresh water apart from the one in Mr Steve’s office is another issue that has been brought forward. All children should be able to access water to refill their water bottles. Children should not be expected to go and purchase plastic bottles of water from the canteen, they should be able to refill their own bottles.

It is requested that there is a filter put into the school fountains in the playground so that all children have access to water or alternatively more water dispensers are added throughout the school.  Parents would like information on how this is addressed by the school asap.


RESPONSE FROM SCHOOL:  Currently High School students can access fresh water from Mr Steve’s office and the P.E office.  The PTA expressed the concern with water being in offices and not easily accessible and the school have agreed to look into an external filtered water tap.


6) Parents raised strong opinions and concerns on the lack of UV shading in both the pre-school and junior school. They expressed that this is disappointing and that they believe it is the school’s responsibility to provide this for the children for their own safety and wellbeing.

The other area of concern was the amount of flooding that happens during the winter months when it rains. A certain area of the playground floods and is unusable. Children come home with wet and ruined shoes and this should not be a problem that arises each year in a private school.


We will bring this forward to the school and await a response on these matters. It is the general feeling that we are the only private school who is lacking in sun protection for our children and with the high fees that are paid. This is an expense that the school ownership should invest in to protect our children from the sun and UV rays.


RESPONSE FROM SCHOOL:  The school management team have informed the PTA that this is a very expensive investment and they have been in talks with the shareholders.  They will once again take this concern to them and express parents’ frustration.


7) A great amount of love and respect was expressed in regards to Mr Steve, everyone is of the opinion that he does a fantastic job in the school and we all feel very appreciative of him and all his hard work throughout the year.


The meeting ended with the PTA asking parents to support the upcoming Christmas Fair and to help them to secure sponsorship.