Dear Parents/Carers,

The PTA and School team have worked hard together to bring a Christmas Fair back to Med High School after 5 years!

We are happy to announce that the junior classes and choir will be performing Christmas Carols at the Christmas Fair on Friday 15th December.  The fair will take place at our Main School and begins at 1.30 p.m. until 5.00 p.m.

All Med High School families and friends are invited to attend and we hope that families will enjoy the festivities which include a professional photo booth, music, food stalls, mulled wine, inflatable games, prosecco bar, cakes & treats, a spectacular raffle with over 40 prizes and free professional face painting along with arts and crafts. Tokens for games and raffle tickets can be purchased in advance from outside school starting on Monday 11th December and also on the day of the event.

Performance times are as follows:

2:35 p.m. Grade 1A & 1B class: Christmas is for you

 2:40 p.m. Grade 2A & 2B: Christmas time is here

 2:45 p.m. Grade 3A & 3B: Snowflake Shuffle

 2:50 p.m. Grade 4 & 5B: You’ve got a friend in me

 2:55 p.m. Grade 5A & 6: Three Kings have journeyed far

 3:00 p.m. High School Band 

 5:00 p.m. Fireworks display

We look forward to seeing our school community enjoy a wonderful afternoon.

Kind Regards

THE PTA 2023




Dear Parents/Carers,

Med High School PTA are excited to announce that after 5 years we will be bringing back a Christmas Fair.

This event will take place on Friday 15th December 2023 starting at 1.30 p.m. until 5.00 p.m.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our main event sponsor Bean and Brew Speciality Coffee based in Oroklini who have generously donated and supported the PTA to be able to deliver this event.

What to expect on the day:


Tokens for games and raffle tickets will be sold in advance from the 11th December outside school and can also be purchased on the day.

If we have any parents or businesses interested in having a stall or donating a raffle prize at this event please get in touch with or send us a message via our Facebook page before the 30th November.

Yours Sincerely

The PTA 2023



Dear Pre-School Parents & Families,

We would like to announce that the PTA contact for Med High Pre-school will be Della Gadri.


Della is the PTA vice-president and mum to Lea in the Pre-Primary B class.  She also has a son in Year 1 at the high school and was part of the PTA committee last year. She will be coordinating with Fotini over the 2023/2024 academic year to make sure all Pre-school parents are informed of meetings and upcoming events.

Please keep an eye out for posters and announcements on the classroom doors and on the Med High PTA Facebook page.

She can also be contacted via email at


The PTA would also like to inform families that we have been given the approval to provide healthy fruit snacks at the upcoming sports day on the 19th October 2023.


We are also busy planning ahead and arranging for our annual Pre-school visit from Santa and his elves in December. Last year the children thoroughly enjoyed this event and were gifted a wrapped present from the PTA team.


In order for us to raise the funds to support our work, the Pre-school will once again hold a ‘crafting week’ to make something extra special for your children to bring home in the weeks leading up to Santa’s visit.


The PTA are asking for a small voluntary contribution of €2 – €5 per child.  The purpose of this is to raise funds for the PTA to be able to purchase planned gifts, snacks and equipment.


Thank you again for your continued support and we hope your children will enjoy the year we have planned for the Med High Schools.




I enclose a voluntary PTA contribution of €                         towards the festive artwork for my child.


_________________________________ in class _____________________.  Please return this slip and money to your class teacher by Friday, October 27th 2023.

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Dear Med High Parents,

After receiving a few complaints from parents, we felt we should address every parent at all Med High schools.

Firstly, we would like to focus on the wonderful achievements we have had so far.  It has been our goal to work with the school management and coordinate our efforts so that the focus could always be on enriching the children’s school day and environment.  We will still deal with complaints and concerns but individual parental problems are directed to school management so that the PTA can focus on upcoming projects and events.

All expenses made and items purchased are arranged as a 50/50 split with the PTA and school owner.  This means that we can have more ongoing projects throughout the year as opposed to making a single donation to only one department at the end of an academic year as previously done.

Book Drive:  We supported the English department in raising funds that would go towards purchasing curriculum reading material so that the high school book list for parents could become smaller each year.  Whilst doing this we coordinated it with a book drive to help encourage the ‘love’ of reading and asked for gently used books to be donated.

Christmas Pre School Fete and Junior Carols:  These events were much loved by the children and helped to inject some festive cheer after the hard Covid restrictions the children had previously endured.

Valentines Tuck Shop: This event was organized to support our Year 6 Leavers.  It’s important that we all remember that one day our own children will also be leaving Med High and all previous PTA’s have contributed towards there end of year leaving plans.

Everything sold was crafted by the PTA and we had a fun tuck shop that all classes could visit.  The children loved this ‘treat’ day and all the money raised was matched by the owner and used to gift all Year 6 leavers with a memory coat.  We received lots of wonderful messages from the Year 6’s saying thank you for this memorable item.

Easter Toy Gift:  The PTA wanted to gift each class with some new outdoor toys as part of our own going ‘playground project’.  All classes where given a surprise gift box filled with outdoor play equipment. The owner as always will match 50% of the costs and the joy the children experienced was truly amazing.  The PTA received thank you cards and messages of support from teachers and parents.

Upcoming Cultural Event:  This event has required some clarification. The entrance to this event is FREE to attend as it always has been.  Tickets are being sold like previous years so that parents and students can sample the wonderful food that parents work so hard to donate and provide.  This is a fundraising event which focuses on embracing the diversity of Med High School.  Everyone is welcome and a ticket is only needed to sample food.  We will also have music, dancing, games and performances.

On the day you can purchase a ticket of 5 stamps (10€) or 3 stamps (6€).   Each table serving food will “charge” you 1 stamp for one dish. You can buy 1 ticket for your whole family. Every person entering does not have to pay for a ticket. The ticket gives you the opportunity to sample different food.  If you wish to pay for drinks, games, glitter tattoos these are all optional and have been arranged to make the event fun for all the age groups attending.

For this specific event, all money raised is going towards improving the canteen at the main school and the outside playground area of the main school.   These are the areas that parents have asked us to focus on the most and the owner has also agreed with these fundraising objectives.

All funds have, and will, always go towards the children and students at Med High School. The PTA committee has perhaps not been clear enough, and we apologize if that has been the case, but hopefully this will provide clarification.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the team.  As always, we need parent support and volunteers to make these events happen.


All the best,


PTA committee





6th March 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Did you know: Med High School is one of the most International schools in Cyprus!

The PTA are excited to announce that we will be holding the popular Cultural Food and Dance Event after school on Friday the 5th May.

How can you help?


  1. We need families to have a table at the event and bring food and desserts that represent their home country.


For example, we would have a table for Cyprus filled with popular Greek dishes so all of the children and families that attend the school can sample them.


  1. We need performances from adults or children of traditional dances or songs.


This is a wonderful way to showcase your culture and embrace the wonderful diversity of our school.


Please get in touch with us:

Email :

Facebook messaging

Kind Regards




5th December 2022

Dear Junior School Parents/Guardians,

On the 20th December the PTA are hosting a day of festive fun for your children. It will begin with a non-uniform day where your children in exchange of a contribution of €2 can wear clothing that is festive. If you don’t have festive clothing you can still join in the fun by wearing something green or red. Christmas accessories are also welcome as long as they are practical for a day at school (headbands, hair clips etc).

Your children will then enjoy a day of festive arts and crafts with their class room teachers followed by a fun festive themed movie. The PTA will be selling and serving items such as popcorn cones, Christmas cookies, marshmallow sticks and cartons of juice. We really want the children to have a memorable in-class cinema experience and feel the festive cheer. More details on how your children can purchase their snacks will follow soon.

The day will then end with all Junior School parents being invited to attend the main school playground from 1.00 pm to watch each junior class perform the carols they have worked so hard to learn.

The PTA will be offering free mulled wine and festive biscuits to all parents. A small stall will also be set up to sell some festive treats. All monies raised from this fundraiser will enable the PTA to have the necessary funds to put on some larger events in 2023! We are hoping to offer all students a memorable time next year and are already busy planning a spring fete, cultural food event and other fun days at school.

The PTA thank you for all your support and we hope the junior school will have a wonderful day.
If any parents would like to volunteer some time please get in touch We are always looking for parent businesses that can support/sponsor events.

Thank you again for your continued support and we hope your children will enjoy the festive season at school.

Kind Regards
Med High Schools PTA


2nd December 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The PTA are excited to announce that we have been given the go ahead to decorate the canteen in the main school for the month of December.  We hope that this will help spread some festive cheer and happiness amongst the children. However, we are in need of your help!

We are asking parents to see if they have any new/gently used Christmas decorations, wreaths or lights that they would like to donate to the PTA that we can then use each year.

Please let us know by email on  Also, if anyone is creative and would like to get involved in this project, please let us know.


Kind Regards,

Med High PTA

Cc Elena Mouzourou – Principal




3rd November 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The PTA are supporting the English department to help resurrect the love of reading.

On the 8th November we will be holding a non-uniform day book donation drive.  We ask that all students donate any new, or gently used fiction books, non-fiction books, comics or autobiographies.  Our aim is to collect as many as we can from all different genres and age groups.

So please browse through your book collections at home, dust off those old classics, look up in the loft for those forgotten stories and do not forget those boxes packed away in the garage.

PTA members and volunteers will be at all school entrances on the day to help take your book donations.

For any children who cannot find a book to donate a €2 contribution can also be made on the day.