Pre-School Cultural Evening Extravaganza: A World of Wonder

Med High Pre-School hosted a vibrant and enlightening Cultural Evening in the main campus yard. Each class presented a unique country, showcasing their year-long studies through captivating performances and displays. Parents and spectators were treated to an evening of diverse cultures, as the young students transported everyone around the world with their engaging presentations.


Nursery Class: Hawaii

The Nursery Class took us to the stunning tropical paradise of Hawaii, also known as the “Big Island.” Their presentation was a delightful exploration of hula dancing, surfing, and coconut trees, capturing the enchanting charm of this beautiful island. The children’s enthusiasm and colorful costumes brought the spirit of Hawaii to life, leaving the audience mesmerized.


Nursery Plus: England

Nursery Plus ventured to England, where they showcased iconic landmarks and the rich cultural heritage of the country. The children embarked on a journey aboard the famous big red bus, visiting the Lionesses and even having a royal encounter with the King. Their performance was a delightful homage to England, filled with charm and excitement.


Pre-Kindergarten: Spain

The Pre-Kindergarten class took spectators on an adventurous trip around Spain. Throughout the year, the students studied Spain’s rich culture and history. Their presentation included a tour bus adventure, stopping at various landmarks and learning about Spain’s famous traditions along the way. The vibrant costumes and enthusiastic performances made for an unforgettable journey.


Kindergarten: Ancient Egypt

Kindergarten students navigated the banks of the Nile River, unveiling the marvels of Ancient Egypt. Their presentation delved into the wonders of this historic civilization, showcasing pyramids, pharaohs, and ancient Egyptian traditions. The children’s fascination with the topic was evident, making their performance both educational and engaging.


Pre-Primary A: China

Pre-Primary A transported everyone to China, showcasing traditional dancing, historical martial arts, and rich cultural traditions. The students demonstrated their knowledge of China’s history and culture with grace and enthusiasm. The vibrant costumes and dynamic performances highlighted the depth of their studies and their appreciation for Chinese heritage.


Pre-Primary B: Scotland

Pre-Primary B explored the enchanting land of Scotland. From the majestic Edinburgh Castle to the mystical beauty of the Loch Ness Monster, the children took the audience on a journey through Scotland’s major sites. They traversed the highlands, adorned the wildlife, and ventured to the islands to visit fairies. Their presentation was a wonderful blend of rugged landscapes and rich history, capturing the essence of Scotland.


The Cultural Evening was a resounding success, showcasing the hard work and creativity of both the students and their teachers. Each class brought their chosen country to life, providing a memorable and educational experience for all who attended.

We would like to extend our appreciations to all the parents and teachers involved in making this evening a success!

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