Pre School Adventures – School Trips

This month, our Pre School students embarked on a series of exciting excursions, each tailored to ignite curiosity and foster learning in different environments.

Pre-Primary Visited the Planetarium

Our pre-primary classes ventured into the wonders of space at the Planetarium. The young explorers were mesmerized by the stars, planets, and galaxies, gaining a glimpse into the vast universe.


Kindergarten Class at Cyherbia

The kindergarten class visited Cyherbia, where the children delighted in exploring the herb gardens and learning about various plants and their uses. The trip offered a hands-on educational experience, connecting them with nature in a fun and engaging way.


Pre-Kindergarten and Nursery Plus Classes Toured the Countryside Park

Our pre-kindergarten and nursery plus classes enjoyed a day of outdoor adventures at Countryside Park. The scenic environment provided the perfect backdrop for play and exploration as the students had the chance to see different animals, learn about recycling, and plant flowers.

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