Important Notes for External Examinations


  • Make sure you know the starting times of your exams
  • Arrive on the school premises at least half an hour before the exam starts
  • You must enter the examination room at least 15 minutes before the exam starts
  • Enter the examination room in an orderly fashion and settle as quickly and quietly as possible
  • Your name and candidate number will be written on a post-it note on your desk
  • Mobile phones must be switched off and left in your bag (at the front of the examination room)
  • For every exam you must have a BLACK pen (blue is not allowed), pencil, eraser and ruler
  • Remember to have any other equipment required e.g., calculator, protractor, compass etc.
  • Calculators should not have a cover
  • Pencil cases are not allowed on your desks
  • Correction fluid is not allowed
  • Once the examination starts you are not allowed to talk
  • Ensure that you have been handed the correct paper
  • Raise your hand if you require any assistance
  • You will be given a five-minute warning before the end of the exam
  • Leave the examination room as quietly as possible