Our teachers and pupils are constantly evolving and progressing!

They collaborated to create 31 Early Readers that may be utilized as early as the first weeks of learning letter-sounds. The stories feature vibrant illustrations made by Med High pupils using their imagination and artistic creativity.

When Antonia Hadjikyriacou and Ane Murillo began working on the illustrations, they were just six years old. Their devotion, co-operation, and enthusiasm to produce some wonderful works of art made their teacher and writer, Marilena Savva, extremely proud!

Each book includes explicit tips for recognising and identifying sounds, as well as reinforcement of new words. There are no other books on the market that offer such a benefit, since the series contains seven levels, beginning with only six letter-sounds. An excellent resource for any pupil learning to read!


Text © Marilena Savva 2020

Illustrations © Antonia Hadjikyriacou and Ane Murillo

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