New Academic Year Information

Dear Pre-school Parents/Guardians,


We are looking forward to welcoming your children to the start of our new academic year, which will begin on Monday the 29th of August. Regular lessons for the Junior school and High school will begin on Thursday the 8th of September.


Please note that the afternoon programme for Pre-school will begin on Thursday the 1st of September (more information will be given on the first day).


Textbooks & Stationery 


Lists of textbooks and stationery for all classes can be obtained from the offices of Med High Schools or send to you by email on request. Textbooks and stationery items for Kindergarten and Pre-primary pupils will be available from Academic and General Bookshop in Ermou Street (Telephone 24628401) after the 16th of August. Stationery items for Nursery, Nursery Plus and Pre-kindergarten class can be obtained from a stationery shop of your choice.


School Uniform


With the exception of the Nursery children, all Med High Pre-school pupils are required to wear school uniform bearing the school’s logo. These consist of the following:


Summer Uniform: Shorts and T-shirt                          –  obtained from the Med High Uniform / Shop at 10 Kilkis Street

Winter Uniform: Polo-shirt / tracksuit / Anorak       –  obtained from the Med High Uniform / Shop at 10 Kilkis Street




Footwear: Black or white trainers with Velcro fasteners, black or white socks.


The uniform will be available from the 22nd of August from the Med High uniform shop. For the period of 22nd – 26th of August, the uniform shop will be open from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Normal uniform shop hours from the 29th August will be 11:00am to 3:00pm.


Designated Entrance Areas


The designated entrance and pick up areas will be announced at a later stage, before the opening date, as we are waiting for the instructions and guidelines regarding Covid protocols from the Ministry of Education.


Looking forward to seeing you in August.