Med High students recently had the invaluable opportunity to participate in the MEDIMUN Conference, a dynamic simulation of the United Nations tailored for teens aged 15-19. The event, held from the 2nd to the 4th of February at The European University Cyprus, provided a platform for students to represent assigned UN countries, immerse themselves in rigorous research, and craft resolutions on pressing global issues. This immersive experience fostered diverse and in-depth discussions, honing students’ diplomatic skills and broadening their understanding of international relations.

During the conference, students assumed the roles of delegates representing Armenia and Argentina. They formed alliances, engaged in collaborative efforts, and drafted resolutions covering a wide array of topics, from security to humanitarian and social rights. Their remarkable performance at MEDIMUN showcased their dedication, knowledge, and diplomatic prowess.

Furthermore, Med High students also participated in various activities organized during the 19th Annual Session of MEDIMUN, and had a great time meeting with the other delegates.

Congratulations to Zoe Casey, Nikita Toma-Yakushev, Amelia Krawiec, Lara Grace Moura Walder, Daria Khudobiak, Gracie Chalhoub, Marilia Teneketzidi and Naomi Gonzaga Gerber for their incredible performance at MEDIMUN!

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