Celebrating a Milestone: Med High Pre-school Graduation Ceremony

On June 14th, we joyously celebrated the Pre-School graduation ceremony at Med High School in Larnaca, Cyprus. Our little graduates, adorned in vibrant blue gowns, reflected on their remarkable academic journey and treasured memories.

Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, our dedicated teachers and Principal delivered heartfelt speeches, celebrating the tremendous growth and achievements of our Pre-School graduates.



Confidently, our young graduates took the stage, receiving their well-deserved graduation certificates—an undeniable testament to their accomplishments and readiness for Grade 1. They were also gifted carefully chosen children’s books, fostering a love for reading and igniting their imaginations.



The pinnacle of the ceremony arrived as the children joyfully tossed their caps high into the air, symbolizing the culmination of their Pre-School years and the boundless opportunities that await.

As we bid farewell, we hold firm in our belief that their time at Med High has equipped them to overcome challenges and embark on thrilling new adventures. We applaud their resilience, curiosity, and the meaningful connections they formed with their teachers and peers.

To the dedicated parents and families who entrusted us with the privilege of nurturing and educating their children, we extend our heartfelt appreciation.

As our Pre-School graduates step into Grade 1, we eagerly anticipate the bright futures that await.

Congratulations, dear Med High Pre-School graduates! May your hearts be filled with the joy of learning as you embrace Grade 1 and beyond.


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