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    About the School

    Med High was established in 1995 as a multicultural international school based in Larnaca, Cyprus. Following the UK National Curriculum, it offers quality education to children from the age of 12 months to 18 years old. Med High consists of: Pre-School, Junior School, High School, Tutorial Centre and Summer School.

    On entering High School, students are prepared for external examinations including 23 (I)GCSEs and 20 A-Level examinations. We only aim to offer the highest quality education while producing excellent results, thus the class population per subject is up to 15 students per (I)GCSE class and up to 10 students per A Level class. Our particular strength is that these qualifications can be achieved in 6 years rather than 7. As a Private English School accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Med High graduates receive a School Leaving Certificate (APOLYTIRION) which gives students a head start in their subsequent career and educational goals. Over the years we have achieved for all Med High graduates to continue with their first University option!

    Our Students