Junior School Graduation Ceremony: Celebrating Achievements and Memories

The Junior School Graduation Ceremony was a memorable evening, marking the end of an important chapter for our Grade 6 students. The evening was filled with speeches, heartfelt moments, and reflections on their academic journey.

The ceremony began with a warm welcome from the master of ceremonies, Veni Venizelou, followed by an inspiring message from Principal Elena Mouzourou. Perla Agha then read a wonderful poem written by the graduating Grade 6 class, capturing their fun lessons and wonderful teachers while reminiscing about the many memories they created over the years.

Ms. Maria Gregoriou delivered a touching farewell speech, speaking about each child individually and highlighting their unique qualities, adding a special sentiment to the evening.

Following this, Mr. Yianni, the academic director, handed out the academic awards and Mrs. Elena Mouzourou then presented the graduation certificates, marking a proud moment for both the students and their families.

To conclude the ceremony, we enjoyed a PowerPoint presentation showcasing the memories created by our graduating Grade 6 class throughout the year. From winning the football championship and visiting Water World to dressing up for Halloween, the presentation was a heartwarming reminder of their journey and accomplishments.

The Junior School Graduation Ceremony was a wonderful celebration of our students’ achievements and the memories they have created. We are proud of our graduates and excited to see what the future holds for them.

Congratulations to all our Grade 6 graduates!

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