OCHAP: “Our Culture and History through Active Participative Methods”

Through this Erasmus project students and teachers were involved in various activities which focused on European cultural heritage and local history. Teachers from our school as well as from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Latvia were able to exchange best practices in teaching and students were familiarized with various teaching methods and versatile projects. 

Europe: Let’s Stay Together

The program brings our school together with partners from Germany, Romania, Spain, Ireland and France to work on workshops, projects and discussions regarding the European Union, identity and empathy. Starting from our common historical background and local history issues, we therefore aim at examining trends and behaviours which have led and which still lead to conflicts. Our purpose is to examine how this kinds of behaviour develop and how they can be prevented in the future. Moreover we want to let our students refocus on principles and values on which our European Union is based.

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