Duke of Edinburgh Registration Letter

21st September 2023


Dear Students and Parent/Guardians,

Our school offers the International Duke of Edinburgh Award which is a prestigious award that students across the globe complete. This award is for students from the age of 14 onwards who would like to expand their horizons and further their applications to university, as this award is recognised by higher education institutions.

The award consists of three levels: Bronze (Y3), Silver (Y4) and Gold (Y5&6).

For each level, students must complete a specific amount of weeks – depending on their level – to practise a chosen Skill, Physical Activity and Volunteering of their choice and they will be logging their progress for each on a weekly basis on the DOE online platform. At each level, there is also an Adventurous Journey which involves camping in Cyprus for a specific number of nights – again, depending on the level – under the supervision of their teachers.


We must emphasise that the overall aim of this award is for the students to learn independence and self-reliance. As a result, teachers are only permitted to merely supervise and advise the students. Therefore, if a student fails to complete their necessary logs or attend the camps, they will be automatically dismissed from the award.


Please see the price for each level below, which you can pay at our Finance Office. The deadline to pay is 29/9/2023.


Bronze: €140 (Year 3)

Silver:  €160 (Year 4)

Gold:  €180 (Year 5 and Year 6 direct entrants)


If you have any questions, please contact Ms Andri or Mr Antonios.





Med High Administration


Cc Elena Mouzourou – Principal



For Year 3s only:


If you would like to join the award, please complete the form below and bring it to Ms Andri in Room 20 during break time by 02/10/2023.



Student’s name and surname: _________________________________________________


Year: ___________________    Date of Birth: _____________________________________


Student’s school email: _______________________________________________________


Student or parent’s mobile number:  _____________________________________________


Nationality: ________________________________________________________________


Home Address: _____________________________________________________________











Parent/guardian’s name: _____________________________________________________


Parent/guardian’s signature:__________________________________ Date: ___________