Cultural Evening: Exploring Madagascar and Isle of Man with Grade 1 and 2

Med High Grade 1 and 2 students dazzled audiences with their captivating cultural presentations. Each grade took the spectators on an educational and entertaining journey to different parts of the world, showcasing their knowledge and creativity through engaging performances.



Grade 1: Madagascar

Grade 1 students transported us to Madagascar, an island situated on the south-eastern edge of the African continent, known for its photogenic wonders. The children provided a panoramic view of Madagascar’s diverse landscapes, from the forested mountains of the north to the tropical rainforests of the east coast, and the dry deserts of the south with iconic baobab trees. They also highlighted the coral reefs and mangrove swamps stretching along its coastlines. Their presentation included a journey through the heart of Madagascar, where they shared fascinating facts about the country, ventured through the rainforest in search of lemurs, and delighted everyone with contemporary dance performances.



Grade 2: Isle of Man

Grade 2 took us on an adventure to the Isle of Man, a jewel in the Irish Sea celebrated for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning scenery. The young adventurers guided us from the enchanting Fairy Bridges to the historic town of Ramsey, shared haunting tales of Peel Castle’s Moodey Dhoo, and showcased graceful Manx dancing. They marvelled at the Laxey Wheel, a testament to industrial prowess, and captured the excitement of the world-renowned TT road race. Through their presentation, the students explored the magic, history, and beauty of the Isle of Man, leaving the audience both informed and entertained.

The cultural show was a resounding success, with Grade 1 and 2 students demonstrating their hard work and passion for learning. Their vibrant performances and insightful presentations made for an unforgettable evening, celebrating the diversity and richness of our world.



We would like to extend our appreciations to all the parents and teachers involved in making this evening a success!

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