Christmas Show Letter

12th December 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Grades 5 and 6 Christmas Show, Santa’s on Strike! will be performed at the Skala Theatre on Wednesday, 14th December 2022 at 5:00 p.m. The pupils are to arrive at the theatre at the following times:

ActorsTime to arrive at the TheatreExtra Information
Santa (Joseph Mukiza),

Mrs Santa (Alexandra Toma-Yakushev)

Elves (Briana Ghossoub, Antonia Hadjikyriacou, Eva Tint, Aizhan Gazezova, Tatiana Pustoshilova, Giorgio Zambas)

Reindeer (Martin Zachek, Andrew Medwik)

4:15 p.m.·        The pupils are to be dressed in the costumes with which the school supplied them.

·        Mrs Claus must have a bun in her hair and rosy red cheeks

·        The Elves must have braided hair – 2 braids (If their hair is long enough) and rosy red cheeks

The Families:

The Wiseman family (Anita Chudjakova, Daniel Gerber, Petroulla Chandrasena, Maxim Ushakova, Marialena Stavrou, Christianos Elias Ellis)

The Shepherd family (Roman Gryshko, Natalie Eshed, Ido Vaknin, Anna-Maria Papyrou)

The King family (Denis Kosmovics, Jana Maria Richa, Omar Perla Bilal Agha, Jean Keyrouz, Anna Kriakina)

The Starr family (Daniel Gerber, Naomi Amar, Maria Belikova, Theodoros Ioannou, Denis Kosmovics, Jonathan Ziv, Maria Kur)

4:30 p.m.·        The pupils must come dressed in the outfits they were instructed to wear


 The Choir4:30 p.m.·        The pupils must come dressed in the outfits they were instructed to wear.

·        Don’t forget your Santa’s hats and your plushie

Please ensure that your child arrives at the stipulated time. The show will begin promptly at 5:00 p.m.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Gregoriou (Grade 6 teacher)

Tom Lacey (Grade 5 teacher)


Cc Elena Mouzourou – Principal