May 2023 Newsletter

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Presentation for Year 1 and 2


This month, a presentation was held for Year 1 and 2 by our School Psychologist, Ms. Theodora Constantinou. The event focused on the importance of positive self-talk, and how it can help students overcome negative thoughts that can impact their mental health. The students were engaged in a video presentation and an interactive game that reinforced the importance of positive thinking.

“I am incredibly proud of our students for their excellent behaviour and active participation during the ‘positive self-talk’ presentation. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn were truly inspiring, and I have no doubt that they will use what they learned to enhance their well-being and success in the future.” – Theodora Constantinou, Med High Psychologist.

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Euromath and Euroscience 2023 in Poland

The Cyprus Mathematical Society and the Thales Foundation, in collaboration with the European Mathematical Society (Education Committee) have organized a European Conference in Mathematics and Science for pupils of age 9-18.

This year, the Conference was held in Krakow, Poland between the 10th and 15th March 2023. Our school, has once again participated with 12 students, presenting 7 unique projects.

The list of participating students:

  1. Mohamed Ahmed Ben Zerti (Year 3)
  2. Naomi Gerber (Year 3)
  3. Antreana Zardi (Year 4)
  4. Mariya Gryshko (Year 3)
  5. Dariia Khudobiak (Year 3)
  6. Marina Mavrou (Year 3)
  7. Destine Akokdju (Year 5)
  8. Olga Georgiou (Year 3)
  9. Gracie Chalhoub (Year 3)
  10. Maria Karevina (Year 3)
  11. Yali Vaknin (Year 3)
  12. Rafaela Charalambous (Year 3)


The students were accompanied by their teachers Mr. Chrysanthos Kyriakou and Ms. Isavella Tsiambarta.

Our school proudly stood at the highest pedestal of Europe.


Conference Results:

1st Prize: EuroScience Poster by Dariia Khudobiak (Year 3)

3rd Prize: EuroScience Presentation by Destine Akokcu (Year 5)













Our students also had the chance of visiting Auschwitz, the biggest Nazi Concentration camp during World War II.

‘Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it’. – George Santayana, philosopher.


The students also had the chance of visiting the Wieliczka Salt mine, the biggest one in Europe where the goal set by the miners working there is to preserve for future generations and make available to the public the monument to the history and culture of the Polish nation, a unique monument to the world’s natural and technical heritage and a place of worship.

A well-organized trip by the Mathematics Department where the students had the chance of doing very valuable activities outside of the classroom, creating unforgettable memories with their classmates and teachers.

Congratulations to all! You have made our school once again PROUD!

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Book Day


We are thrilled to share with you the success of our recent Book Day celebration in our Pre-School. The event was a wonderful opportunity for our little ones to explore the world of books and literature.

At our Pre-School, we believe that early literacy skills are essential for future academic success. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment that encourages a love of reading and learning in our students.


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This year the Junior school classes once more split up into groups to visit a farm. Grades 1-3 visited the Petrides Farm outside of Nicosia, while grades 4-6 visited Riverland Farm.  All the students had a tour of the farms and enjoyed a sunny day out learning about animals.

Grades 1 to 3
Grades 4 to 6
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