Med High Charity Club will be holding a food drive for families in need and also for the charity ‘Oasis Larnaca’ who support local refugees.

From Monday 11th until Friday 15th April we will be collecting dry foods including: Flour, rice, sugar beans, lentils, oil, long life milk, tomato paste but also baby and hygiene items such as nappies, shampoos and soaps.

There will be Charity Club ‘drop-off’ tables in the front of both Med High School and Pre-school for your kind donations which we thank you for in advance.

As a school we believe it is important for our students to become empathetic and responsible citizens of our community which we encourage through volunteer and charity work!

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Year 2 students have taken part in a competition “Κάν’ το ν’ ακουστεί 2022“ (Can’t Be Heard 2022).

Our students have dedicated many hours of their own personal time to craft this poignant video that raises awareness of the inherent diversity that exists around our world and how every child’s journey of life differs, depending on their nationality, culture and country. Words cannot express how proud we are for their commitment, maturity and empathy throughout the process.

A significant part of the competition is the public’s valued opinion. As a sign of support, we would appreciate your vote!

In order to vote:
2. Scroll down to 7371. “Ταξιδεύοντας μέσα από τη διαφορετικότητα – MedHigh Private English School”
3. Click play to hear our recording!
4. At some point an empty heart will appear, and you can click on it to vote for our recording.
*Have in mind, if more than one person is on the same Wi-Fi network you can only vote once. In this case you can use your personal 4G to vote separately.*
Thank you!
You may also watch the video created by following the link below:
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We can’t reiterate enough the significance of European cooperation, especially under the Erasmus umbrella.

Students, accompanied by their teacher Mr. Antonios Charalambous, were able to actively participate in a mobility aptly titled: ‘From stereotypes to open-mindedness and respect’ which is part of our wider ‘Europe, Let’s Stay Together’ project.

At an age of rising global tensions and increased xenophobia our students explored the danger of stereotypes (even benign ones) and examined tools that can help our societies overcome them. The group also enjoyed the natural beauty of Ireland and most importantly created bonds and memories to last a lifetime.

We can’t thank our friends at Mount Mercy College enough!


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In recent years Med High has pioneered by introducing the subject of Philosophy into its junior and high school curriculum. The success of this course has largely been due to Dr. Elsa Nicolaidou who not only is a respected teacher at our school, but a published author and philosopher.

Her latest work called ‘Φιλοσοφία για όλους’ (Philosophy for all) is a book introducing the works of the great ancient Greek philosophers in a comprehensive and enjoyable manner and in the process destroys the misconception that it is a difficult topic irrelevant to modern life.

We wish Dr. Elsa every success with her book which is now available in Cyprus!

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High School: Our Year 6 students travelled to Budapest to celebrate their upcoming graduation this summer 🎓

Even more unforgettable memories were formed as they explored the Hungarian lifestyle, cuisine and culture!

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Med High students, accompanied by their teachers, had the opportunity to watch the play ‘Tears of Silence’. The award winning play on human trafficking stars actress Paola Hadjilambri, who students had the pleasure of meeting after the play.

They also had the honour of meeting Speaker of the House Mrs. Annita Demetriou and his Excellency Mr. Oren Anolik, Ambassador of Israel.

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