This trip to Romania signals the end of a lovely Erasmus project: Europe, Let’s Stay Together.

Students and teachers worked on projects regarding equality and equity at our partner school in Sibiu. They also had a wonderful time visiting beautiful historical and natural sites.

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Another successful Charity Club event came to a close with the delivery of the last food and hygiene products to OASIS Larnaca.

As part of this drive, five local families in need were given large gift packages with your kind donations and the remainder were collected by Mr. Marve to support local refugees through OASIS.

We thank Mr. Anastasi Nicolaou for his assistance in this campaign and of course the generosity of the Med High Schools’ community for offering at least momentary relief to local families.

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The Mathematics Kangourou Competition 2021-2022 was another significant success for the Med High Private English School. We are excited to announce another remarkable achievement from our students!

Eleonora Logvinenko (Grade 2), Margarita Spirina (Grade 2) and Roman Gryshko (Grade 5) received Silver medals.

Anna Kriakina (Grade 4), Halil Erkurt (Grade 3) and Zahar Goryachev (Grade 4) received Bronze medals.

You have made us all very proud!

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Our teachers and pupils are constantly evolving and progressing!

They collaborated to create 31 Early Readers that may be utilized as early as the first weeks of learning letter-sounds. The stories feature vibrant illustrations made by Med High pupils using their imagination and artistic creativity.

When Antonia Hadjikyriacou and Ane Murillo began working on the illustrations, they were just six years old. Their devotion, co-operation, and enthusiasm to produce some wonderful works of art made their teacher and writer, Marilena Savva, extremely proud!

Each book includes explicit tips for recognising and identifying sounds, as well as reinforcement of new words. There are no other books on the market that offer such a benefit, since the series contains seven levels, beginning with only six letter-sounds. An excellent resource for any pupil learning to read!


Text © Marilena Savva 2020

Illustrations © Antonia Hadjikyriacou and Ane Murillo

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Students from Le Carbet school in Martinique decided to research and present Cyprus during their European languages week.

Part of the text reads: ‘We have chosen this country because during our Erasmus week in Martinique we met wonderful people who come from Larnaca in Cyprus. They taught us some Greek words and we fell in love with this country and it’s culture.’

From our part, we are touched and humbled by this connection!

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In our efforts to further the exchange of best practices as well as European cooperation overall, we are thrilled to announce the launching of our new eTwinning project that will take place from March to October of 2022.

The project aims to bring students from Cyprus, Italy and Croatia together to find connections between our cultures and customs, explore the idea of globalization and enhance our understanding of inclusion.

Another goal of the project is to act as a forum for teachers so they can exchange ideas and best practices in order to enrich their teaching skills.

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