Blood Drive

5 th December 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Charity Club has once again arranged for the Larnaca Hospital Blood Bank to come to
our school on Tuesday 13 th December 2022 to set up a blood drive. All parents, teachers and
pupils 18 years of age or over are welcome to donate blood which is always in short supply
over the Christmas period. Pupils who are 17 years of age can also donate blood with
parents written permission (form can be collected from the office).
If you would like to donate, please contact the school and leave your name and the time
that you would like to come in (between 8:30 am – 10:30 am) by Friday 9 th December.
We would like to thank you in advance for your help in such an important matter.
Med High Charity and Young Volunteers Club.
Cc – Elena Mouzourou (Principal)


  • A light meal should be eaten one hour before blood donation.
  • On completion of donation, you must remain on the bed for ten minutes before
    getting up to avoid dizzy spells.
  • Smoking and long-distance driving should be avoided for an hour after donation.
  • Drinking more liquids than usual should be avoided for the following four hours.
  • You can return to work after blood donation but exercising and manual work should
    be avoided.
  • Pressure should be applied to puncture to avoid swelling and bruising, but plaster
    should be removed after 3 hours.
  • Bring blood donor card if you have one.