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High School Graduation Ceremony: Celebrating the End of a Chapter and the Start of New Beginnings

The High School Graduation Ceremony, was a night of celebration and pride, marking the end of a significant chapter for our graduating students. The event was a beautiful blend of speeches, awards, and joyous moments, reflecting on the students’ achievements and looking forward to their future endeavors.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome from our masters of ceremonies, Maria Kkimitri and Iliana Papandreou. They set a heartfelt tone for the night, leading into an inspiring message from Principal Elena Mouzourou. This was followed by a special address from our guest speaker, Iasonas Iasonides, the Deputy Mayor of Larnaca, who shared his wisdom and encouragement with the graduates.

A highlight of the evening was the graduates’ message delivered by Eshkhar Maayan and Menoikou Ioanna Theodora. Their words resonated with both their peers and the audience, capturing the essence of their shared journey and the anticipation of what lies ahead.

In a touching gesture, flowers and congratulations were given to the graduates of Pre-School and Grade 1, symbolising the continuum of growth and achievement within our school community.

The awards segment recognised outstanding achievements across various categories. Recipients were honoured for their accomplishments in the Duke of Edinburgh program, MEDIMUN, and for securing Honour Awards for achieving more than 90% in their Apolytirion grade. Academic Achievement Awards and the Highest Academic Achievement Award were also presented, highlighting the dedication and hard work of our top students.

The ceremony culminated with the presentation of graduation certificates to all graduates, marking their official transition from high school to the next exciting chapter of their lives.

The night ended on a high note with music and a spectacular fireworks display, celebrating the achievements of our graduates and the promising futures that await them.

Congratulations to all our high school graduates! We are incredibly proud of you and look forward to seeing you achieve great things in the future.

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