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Football Championship 2024

On March 15th, Med High hosted its annual football championship from 5 pm to 8 pm, showcasing the talent and sportsmanship of our students. The event garnered enthusiastic participation from both Junior and High School classes, with Grade 6 emerging as the champions and Year 6 securing the second-place position.

Parents contributed to the vibrant atmosphere by joining the competition and playing against the teachers and high school classes. With all four football pitches bustling with activity, students from both girls’ and boys’ teams showcased their skills, making the event a resounding success.

Congratulations to all participants for their fantastic performance!

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π Day!

As a school, we celebrated Pi Day for the first time this year, a day where we honor International Mathematics.

Throughout this day, our students had the chance to engage with π in various ways through games prepared by the Mathematics department, accompanied by food shaped like circles, which are based on π. Additionally, our students, along with their teachers, created two π-themed banners, showcasing their impressive drawing skills. It was an enjoyable day where we brought math to life through fun and educational games, and as a school, we aim to make it a tradition!

“π may be an irrational number, but its influence is profoundly rational – shaping the very fabric of our universe with its infinite potential.”


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5B Solar System Presentation

On March 12th, class 5B hosted a solar system project showcased in the school’s front yard. All junior school classes had the opportunity to view the impressive displays and learn about the wonders of our planets.

Congratulations to the Grade 5B students for their fantastic job in presenting detailed models and informative posters. It was truly a day of learning and creativity for all!

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Euromath/Euroscience Trip!

Wishing all the best to our students who are traveling to Rome to represent our school at the Euromath/Euroscience competition, escorted by Ms. Isavella Tsiambarta, Mr. Moisis Pitsilos, and Ms. Tonia Mavropsi. After months of preparation and hard work, the time has come to showcase your skills and talents!
Good luck to each one of you – embrace the experience and enjoy every moment!
EuroMath and EuroScience Competition 2024 took place in Rome, Italy, where students got to share their ideas and learn from each other in presentations and workshops!
Besides the educational material, students also had a blast exploring Rome’s ancient sites such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum.
Of course, students couldn’t miss out on trying gelato and pasta! But what they enjoyed the most was hanging out with their friends, classmates, and teachers, making unforgettable memories together!
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Tsiknopempti 2024

Wishing everyone a Happy Tsiknopempti from Med High!
Special thanks to all the teachers that were involved in today’s activities, with special thanks going to our planner Mr. Avgerinos.

And it wouldn’t be Tsiknopempti without the food!

Special thanks to Mr. Andros, Mr. George, Mr. Anthony, Mr. Christoforos, Mr. Efthimios, Ms. Vasilia and of course Mr. Michalis Theocharous for preparing and serving the food along with our Year 6 students!



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Solar Systems!

Pre-Primary classes explored and discovered the 8 planets of the solar system!
They created great projects based on their favourite planet or star, and presented them to each other with great pride and joy! Projects are great artistic and fun activities to encourage and develop group work, as well as improving their vocabulary!
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