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EuroScience/EuroMath Awards!

Our school this year was proudly represented in EuroMath and EuroScience Conference 2024 which took place in Rome, Italy by a group of promising and hardworking students who they all amazed us by their effort and dedication.

Our students received in total 9 awards:


1st prize individual: Dariia Khudobiak Y4

2nd prize individual: Marina Mavros Y4

3rd prize individual: Ekaterina Lomakina Y6

1st prize group: Gracie Chalhoub, Yali Vaknin, Maria Gryshko, Mykyta Kryvyi Y4


1st prize Science poster: Dariia Khudobiak Y4

3rd prize individual: Olga Georgiou Y4

3rd prize individual: Mohammed Ben Zerti Y4

2nd prize group: Naomi Gelber, Odysseas Pavlou, Noa Phil

3rd prize group: Sofia Hadjikleanthous , Romy Haddad Y4

From the beginning of their preparation journey up to the competition day our teachers Ms. Isavella Tsiambarta, Mrs. Tonia Mavropsi and Mr. Moisis Pitsillos were supporting and navigating our students constantly towards success.

A big thank you to Mrs. Koulla Andronikou for her constant guidance and significant help.

Also a big thank you to all colleagues and the front office ladies who without hesitation helped our students and teachers.

The Mathematics department and the Science department joined their power and their recipe was successful!

We are extremely proud and please fasten your seat belts for next year!


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