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January 2024 Newsletter

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CY.M.S. Maths Relay

High School:
We take immense pride in the remarkable performance of our students in the Mathematics Relay Competition 2024 organized by CY.M.S. (Κυπριακή Μαθηματική Εταιρεία – Cyprus Mathematical Society)
Our school secured the 10th position out of the 75 participating schools, underscoring the significance of teamwork in achieving success. Congratulations to our students for their dedicated effort, and a special acknowledgment to their teachers for their guidance and unwavering commitment. Well done!
Year 1: Roman Gryshko, Daniil Knizhnik, Zahar Goryachev
Year 2: Stella Linnyk, Oleksandra Volosian, Dmitrii Stiufliaev
Year 3: Kira Garshina, Stepan Trofimov, Kseniia Pastukhova
Congratulations to the Mathematics department for the dedication. The students were accompanied by Mrs. Louiza Frangou.
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European Statistics Competition 2024

As a school we proudly participated in the European Statistics Competition 2024 organized by Eurostat and volunteering National Statistical Institutes addressed to secondary education students with the purpose of encouraging students to get familiar with statistics and official statistical sources.
We would like to congratulate the following Year 3 students who took part in the competition: (left to right)
Damians Romanovs – Maksym Zakharov – Sofia Makrieva – Stepan Trofimov – Kira Garshina – Kseniia Pastukhova and were by accompanied by their Mathematics & Statistics teacher Mrs. Louiza Frangou.
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Cinematic Delights: High School Movie Night Lights Up the Screens

On the evening of January 26th, after school hours, Med High School transformed into a cinematic haven for students. Movie Night, organized by the Year 6 high school students, offered a delightful lineup featuring “Kung Fu Panda 3,” “Shrek,” and “The Book of Life.”

Students had the luxury of choosing their viewing spot, be it the cozy theatre or the vibrant canteen, while an array popcorn and drinks added to the movie-watching pleasure.

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