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Joyful Festivities: Pre-School Christmas Show Lights Up Skala Theatre

On November 28th, the Skala Theatre was transformed into a magical wonderland as our little stars from Pre-School took center stage for a heartwarming Christmas show. The air was filled with laughter and festive cheer as these young performers delighted the audience with their adorable renditions of holiday classics.

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A Thought-Provoking Big Debate on Ecocide: Human Rights Week Highlights

Last week marked the culmination of a highly successful and dynamic Human Rights Week at Med High! A standout event was “The Big Debate,” where various celebrities, from political heavyweights Donald Trump and Joe Biden to cultural icons Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian, and Jeremy Clarkson, engaged in a formal discussion on the issue of Ecocide.

Among the highlights was the unexpected eloquence of Greta Thunberg, who bore a striking resemblance to our own Maayan Ekshar. However, the real surprise came in the form of an impromptu rap session featuring Kanye West and Jayden Smith, with a special appearance by Sir Paul McCartney!

The lively and diverse perspectives presented during this event sparked engaging conversations among our students, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding Ecocide.

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Illuminating Insights: Ecocide and Human Rights Presentation

To kickstart Human Rights Week, Year 4 and Year 6 students at Med High delved into a thought-provoking Ecocide presentation on November 23rd. This inaugural event set the tone for a week of enlightening discussions and activities centered around the intersection of environmental concerns and fundamental human rights. The engaging seminar that followed allowed students to delve deeper into the crucial connections between ecological well-being and human rights, fostering a sense of awareness and responsibility.

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Law and Debate Club Dives into Ecocide Discussion

Med High’s Law and Debate Club took an active role during Human Rights Week, dedicating November 22nd to a crucial discussion: should Ecocide be recognized as an international crime? Students delved into pivotal questions, pondering, ‘Will this help prevent the cause? Or can we still achieve things without having it included?’

Gathering weekly, the club dissects topics, encourages group research, and holds debates to nurture essential debating skills. Court trials are also on the agenda, providing insight into formal trial procedures under the guidance of their teachers Ms. Hannah and Ms. Elina.

In sessions, students are divided into groups, granted research time, and guided in preparing arguments. The collaborative effort empowers students to present their findings and engage in meaningful debates on the pertinent issue.

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Culinary Delights: Year 6 and English Department’s Bake Sale Extravaganza!

On November 22nd, the sweet aroma of freshly baked treats filled the air as Year 6 students, in collaboration with the English Department, hosted a delectable bake sale. Students worked hard to provide the entire school with an array of treats, including doughnuts, cupcakes, and fresh apple pies. The delicious offerings were enjoyed by everyone, making the bake sale a hit. Kudos to the students and teachers for their efforts in making this event a sweet success!

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