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A Farewell to Cherished Memories: High School Graduation

On the 27th of June, we gathered to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our graduating class at Med High School. It was an evening filled with honour, inspiration, and bittersweet farewells as our students prepared to embark on their university journey.

Guided by our skilled Master of Ceremonies, Georgia Lyssandrou and Iliana Papandreou, the graduation began with anticipation and excitement. Amidst thunderous applause, the graduates, dressed in caps and gowns, entered the room, a testament to their years of dedication and hard work.



Principal Elena Mouzourou took the stage, delivering a heartfelt message to the graduating class, highlighting their limitless potential.

We were privileged to have Mr. Andreas Vyras, the esteemed Mayor of Larnaca, Cyprus, as our guest speaker. His inspiring address emphasized resilience, community engagement, and a commitment to lifelong learning, serving as a guiding light for our graduates.



The top-scoring graduates, Derawi Ahmed Hamed and Fanou Stephanie, then delivered heartfelt speeches, expressing gratitude and reflection in English and Greek respectively. Their words showcased their growth, resilience, and the unwavering support from their teachers, parents, and the Med High community.

We took great pleasure in honouring the students who have been with Med High since grade 1, as well as the recipients of the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh International Award schemes.

Additionally, we recognized the exceptional participants of MediMUN, celebrating their passion for international affairs, diplomacy, and critical thinking.



Twenty-three students who achieved over 90% in their apolytirion—the final high school certificate—received well-deserved honours awards, acknowledging their outstanding academic accomplishments.

A pinnacle moment of the ceremony was the presentation of the Highest Academic Achievement Award. One student from each of the 15 subjects received this prestigious accolade, recognizing their unparalleled dedication, intellectual prowess, and exceptional performance.



With pride and excitement, each student walked across the stage to receive their graduation certificates, greeted by applause and cheers, celebrating their perseverance, growth, and successful completion of their high school journey.

To our graduating class, we extend our warmest congratulations. Your dedication, resilience, and determination have been truly remarkable, and we are immensely proud of your achievements. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with enthusiasm, courage, and a passion for lifelong learning.



We express our deepest gratitude to the exceptional educators, staff, and parents who have played a vital role in shaping the academic, personal, and emotional growth of our graduates. Your unwavering support and guidance have been invaluable, and we thank you for your commitment to their success.

As we bid farewell to this chapter, we eagerly anticipate the bright futures that await each and every one of our graduates. May your journeys be filled with adventure, discovery, and fulfilment. The bonds forged at Med High will always be a source of strength, support, and inspiration.

Goodbye for now, dear students. May the road ahead be filled with success, joy, and countless achievements. We look forward to hearing of your accomplishments and welcoming future Med High generations with open arms. We also look forward to seeing everyone back at school in September!


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Embracing New Horizons: Med High Junior School Graduation

On 20th June, Med High Junior School proudly celebrated the graduation of our Grade 6 students. It was an evening filled with cherished memories and remarkable achievements.

Teachers and the Principal delivered inspiring speeches, commending the students’ growth and resilience throughout their time at Med High Junior School.

The graduates took the stage, expressing their gratitude and admiration for their beloved teacher through a heartfelt poem, reflecting the deep bond they had formed.



Then, a captivating PowerPoint presentation showcased the class’s diverse accomplishments, from thrilling camp adventures to awe-inspiring science experiments and national competitions.



The ceremony reached its pinnacle as each student was recognised with well-deserved awards, presented by Mr. Yiannis and their class teacher, Ms. Maria.



Amidst tears of joy and farewell, the graduates joyfully tossed their caps, symbolising the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

The celebration continued as the graduates embarked on a memorable ride aboard an open-top party bus, creating lasting memories along the scenic seafront and town.

The night culminated in a heartwarming gathering at a local restaurant, where teachers and parents celebrated the graduates’ achievements with delightful conversations and festivities.



To our dear Grade 6 graduates, as you enter Med High School Year 1, embrace the lessons learned, friendships made, and experiences that have shaped you. Embrace new horizons with confidence, curiosity, and a thirst for knowledge.

Congratulations to each and every one of you, and heartfelt appreciation to the teachers, parents, and staff who have played a vital role in your growth.

With pride, admiration, and unwavering support, we wish you the very best in your future endeavours!


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Join the Fun at Med High Summer School!

Ages 2-15 | June 19 – August 4

Unleash the excitement this summer at Med High Summer School! Our diverse and educational programme is designed to create unforgettable memories for children aged 2-15. From June 19 to August 4, embark on a seven-week adventure filled with fun and learning.

For ages 2-4, our programme offers a tailored experience with engaging activities that promote both education and play. For ages 5-15, dive into our regular programme that includes a wide range of activities such as dance, tennis, swimming, arts and crafts, martial arts, and more.

Optional English Enrichment Programme: Ignite your child’s passion for English with our dedicated English Enrichment Programme. From reading and writing to speaking and listening, this programme enhances language skills while incorporating all the fun of our regular activities.


Exciting Extras:

  • Fully air-conditioned classrooms for a comfortable learning environment
  • Exciting excursions to parks, museums, water parks, and other fantastic venues


Operating from 7:30am to 2:30pm, our summer school provides a well-rounded experience for your child. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for a summer filled with laughter, friends, and new discoveries!

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Celebrating a Milestone: Med High Pre-school Graduation Ceremony

On June 14th, we joyously celebrated the Pre-School graduation ceremony at Med High School in Larnaca, Cyprus. Our little graduates, adorned in vibrant blue gowns, reflected on their remarkable academic journey and treasured memories.

Amidst the jubilant atmosphere, our dedicated teachers and Principal delivered heartfelt speeches, celebrating the tremendous growth and achievements of our Pre-School graduates.



Confidently, our young graduates took the stage, receiving their well-deserved graduation certificates—an undeniable testament to their accomplishments and readiness for Grade 1. They were also gifted carefully chosen children’s books, fostering a love for reading and igniting their imaginations.



The pinnacle of the ceremony arrived as the children joyfully tossed their caps high into the air, symbolizing the culmination of their Pre-School years and the boundless opportunities that await.

As we bid farewell, we hold firm in our belief that their time at Med High has equipped them to overcome challenges and embark on thrilling new adventures. We applaud their resilience, curiosity, and the meaningful connections they formed with their teachers and peers.

To the dedicated parents and families who entrusted us with the privilege of nurturing and educating their children, we extend our heartfelt appreciation.

As our Pre-School graduates step into Grade 1, we eagerly anticipate the bright futures that await.

Congratulations, dear Med High Pre-School graduates! May your hearts be filled with the joy of learning as you embrace Grade 1 and beyond.


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Annual Summer Camp

After an absence of 3 years, the very excited Grade 5 & 6 pupils went on the annual Summer Camp at the Scouts Camping Site in Kornos on the weekend of 2nd to the 4th of June.

Children enjoyed an action-packed weekend learning how to tie knots, baking bread, completing a challenging commando course and cooking marshmallows on a camp fire among other fun activities.

We would like to thank the members of  the Larnaca 279 Scouts Pack for organising events and creating unforgettable experiences for our children.


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Larnaca Archives

Larnaca – The past and the present

The Grade 5 and Grade 6 Advanced Greek classes visited the Phivos Stavrides Foundation – Larnaca Archives.

Under the unique and engaging guidance of the Director of the Foundation, Iosif Hadjikyriakos, the children delved into the fascinating past of our very own Larnaca. 

Through mesmerising recounts, precious artifacts and well-preserved documents, the children were introduced to the well-hidden, yet so worthy of exploring, history of Larnaca.  

Thank you to the Phivos Stavrides Foundation – Larnaca Archives and the Director Iosif Hadjikyriakos for the invaluable experience.

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May 2023 Newsletter

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