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In recent years Med High has pioneered by introducing the subject of Philosophy into its junior and high school curriculum. The success of this course has largely been due to Dr. Elsa Nicolaidou who not only is a respected teacher at our school, but a published author and philosopher.

Her latest work called ‘Φιλοσοφία για όλους’ (Philosophy for all) is a book introducing the works of the great ancient Greek philosophers in a comprehensive and enjoyable manner and in the process destroys the misconception that it is a difficult topic irrelevant to modern life.

We wish Dr. Elsa every success with her book which is now available in Cyprus!

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High School: Our Year 6 students travelled to Budapest to celebrate their upcoming graduation this summer ?

Even more unforgettable memories were formed as they explored the Hungarian lifestyle, cuisine and culture!

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Med High students, accompanied by their teachers, had the opportunity to watch the play ‘Tears of Silence’. The award winning play on human trafficking stars actress Paola Hadjilambri, who students had the pleasure of meeting after the play.

They also had the honour of meeting Speaker of the House Mrs. Annita Demetriou and his Excellency Mr. Oren Anolik, Ambassador of Israel.

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Pre-Primary A – Mathematics:
Building a number sense -> Making an estimation. ?

Number sense is a group of skills that allow children to work confidently with numbers by understanding more/less, larger/smaller; being able to compare numbers and understand their value.

Introducing an estimation jar can be a fun way to begin looking at bigger numbers and modeling strategies for counting different amounts correctly!

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Because of Erasmus+ we’ve been able to connect and build friendships with amazing people all over Europe.

In February two of our students and teachers had the unique opportunity of traveling to the French island of Martinique in order to visit our partner school in Le Carbet and work on various projects on anti racism and learn about the troubled history of imperialism and slavery. They also had the chance to appreciate the beautiful flora and fauna of the island.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to the Le Carbet school and it’s project coordinator Mrs. Corrine Angeon for their warm welcome.

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Another successful ‘Options Afternoon’ gave the opportunity to Year 2 and 4 students to be informed of the qualifications offered at our school.

Mr. Yannis Pavlou, our Academic Director, gave informative presentations to students, parents and guardians on the subjects available in years 3 and 5 and guidelines on how to choose options wisely.

This was followed by a ‘meet and ask’ session giving the opportunity for all to meet subject teachers and learn first-hand about each course.

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