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We are proud to present Raphaella Gregoriou and Zoe Hadjikakou’s refugee crisis podcast. The project was made as part of our Erasmus+ project: ‘Europe, Let’s Stay Together’ which focuses on European unity and antiracism.

Students from year 5 and 6 collaborated behind the scenes to bring this video to life and once again, the cross curricular cooperation of teachers from various fields was invaluable in the production of this project.

A big thanks goes to Mrs. Koulla, Mrs. Angela, Mr. Antonios, Mr. Avgerinos and especially Mrs. Salome whose invaluable guidance was essential to the preparation and production of the podcast.

The full video is available on our Facebook page here.

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Thank you to Ms. Theodora Constantinou for discussing with our students the importance of a healthy body image!

Covering important ideas like:
– How our bodies are not an image, but rather a beautiful experience.
– That we often let our body image ruin our life experience.
– Practicing giving ourselves permission to feel our own love; to allow ourselves to experience compassion, and self-love.

We look forward to hearing the topics you will cover in the coming weeks!

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We would like to say a huge thank you to SkyLink Services for their incredible hospitality and generosity.

Our Year 2s were kindly given the opportunity to film in their VIP lounge as part of a competition that the school is participating in.

We all had an exceptional time, thank you!

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