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Harry’s Day

Each year Med High celebrates ‘Harry’s Day’ in loving memory of a former student, Harry Costa. Harry sadly passed away at the age of 21 after suffering with cancer.

In honour of his memory, every year the Year 6 students sell t- shirts to students, staff, parents and friends of the school and the proceeds go to a local charity. This year we will be supporting the Pancyprian Society of Parents and Friends of the Pediatric Oncology Unit, a charity that supports the families of children being treated with cancer at the Makarios Hospital.

This year we will be celebrating ‘Harry’s Day’ on Friday 27th November, and anyone who wishes to purchase a t-shirt will be able to wear it to school on that day. The cost of the t-shirt is 10 euros.

If you would like to help support us with this worthy cause, from the 16th until the 20th   November, please come to the entrance points of the school where a charity club member will take your order and payment. All necessary Covid-19 measures will be taken during this process.

Many thanks for your support,

Year 6 Committee

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Philosophy @ Junior School

Philosophy at Med High Junior School

Med High is the first school in Cyprus to introduce Philosophy as part of the curriculum for all Junior School classes, starting September 2020!

This subject, which saw an enthusiastic response from both students and parents in our High School, will be delivered by Dr. Elsa Nicolaidou, our High School’s Head of Languages who is an expert in the field (PhD in Philosophy), with years of experience in teaching Philosophy to young children.

Philosophy is directly linked to the development of critical thinking. Students will have to actively think and produce their own answers to simple questions such as:

  • Why should I tell the truth?
  • Is it OK to feel scared?
  • Why am I angry?
  • Is there right and wrong?

The starting point for every topic will be a book, a picture, a game or even a cartoon movie and the students will learn how to approach and become part of a discussion where they will need to structure and to develop their thinking and present their logic with arguments, while respecting the opinion of others.

There are a number of researches worldwide stating that students taking philosophy classes have been achieving better academic results compared to those who didn’t, however, the real benefits will definitely find use in their everyday life.

Our school is constantly researching the academic developments worldwide in order to prepare our students for their future challenges and Philosophy is definitely the subject to further enrich the quality offered though the academic experience at Med High.

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